Lift Truck Innovations to Increase Productivity in Warehouses

Forklifts have become an indispensable aspect of warehouses today. A number of developments have taken place in the world of forklifts and it will not take much time for these innovations and tools to make their way into the warehouses. It is thus essential to know about a few of these innovations –

Device Mounts

Lighter devices such as tablet computers which are used for inventory keeping are at a disadvantage as they are unable to do heavy tasks. This is because devices which are smaller and less robust are more prone to internal deterioration because of forklift vibration. If the environmental conditions tend to be less than optimal such as extreme heat or cold, they may fail there as well.

New mounts which are manufactured are highly rugged and designed to absorb shock and vibrations. This protects not just the devices but the vital information which they carry. A majority of the lift trucks found these days also include a holder which is designed according to the device to be used, an adapter along with an arm which is used to allow angle shift and movement and is attached to the base of the cage. Such specialized mounts allow you to safely attach tablets which are of commercial and industrial grade radios, and a number of other devices. This is highly desired by warehouse managers who make use of such or similar devices to pick, ship, and use bar-code scanning or make use of RFID or voice technology.

Rugged Tablets

One of the prominent reasons for using tablet computers in place of PC’s is because the former helps in speeding up data collection. Today, there are a number of heavy-duty tablets available which you can purchase for use in forklifts even in rough conditions, including dirt, sun, and vibration, where conventional tablets fail to function.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The performance of hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts was for the first time compared to gas-powered models in 2007 at the University of Chicago. It was found that smaller forklifts with hydrogen fuel cells performed at par with conventional forklifts. Since then, forklifts powered by hydrogen fuel cells have come a long way as the use of such eco-friendly forklifts continues to expand in warehouses.

Digital Controls

A large number of warehouse forklifts these days have digital panels for operation. This eliminates the need for cumbersome pulleys and levers. Such controls are easier to read and calibrate and offer more efficient battery usage. These digital panels also help in keeping the speed of the vehicle in check, thus protecting drivers and preventing product damage.