Going abroad with my dog

So there I was, less than a week and a half from my departure date, completely disoriented and panicking because nobody I knew and trusted was willing to take my oldest dog for a few months.

First walk in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Well, it is what it is and nobody is going to die, right? The ~2000km roadtrip from Portugal to Switzerland was probably the easiest part. My very anxious dog “Zita” learned to tolerate long car trips when I was still in university. Crossing half of Europe was just 10 times that, no biggie. We made sure she was comfortable by putting a pillow inside her transport-box, I gave her a non-sedating calming pill and off we went.

Everything went normal, she quickly learned the new rules. She was used to my “total chaos and anarchy” way of living for the past year: sleeping on my bed, going outside whenever she wanted or needed, also barking and whining for everything which was very encouraged by her grandmas. Mea culpa!

All of this is a huuuge no-no for living in an apartment anywhere, let alone in Switzerland…

Here we are, thousands of kilometres away from our old chaotic habits. My dog no longer sleeps in my bed, I’m surprised she didn’t complain a single bit. She has yet to ask to go outside in the middle of the night even if she had spent all day outside. She isn’t constantly trying to lay on my lap or begging me to pick her up. But, the real adventure has just started: she has yet to master the art of patiently and quietly wait for my return.

I have bought an app to monitor and talk to her while I’m out. I’m on day two of this experiment. Wish us luck!

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