Welcome to the Maternal Mind

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Maternal Mind!

I have been umm-ing and err-ing as to whether to do something like this, but I realised that I’m on quite a special journey and that I wanted (needed) to share in some way. I have always had a passion for writing, so, putting two and two together, in a moment of “carpe diem”, the Maternal Mind was conceived!

So — what can you expect to read here?

In this medium space I will be sharing with you all my thoughts and reflections working in the field of Perinatal Mental Health. As a Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist, I meet with women, their partners and families often at a crucial transitional point in their lives, and I feel there is so much to learn from these experiences on a professional and personal level. I also have the rare and unique opportunity of developing a brand new perinatal mental health service from scratch in the city, and wanted a platform to share this journey; the highs, the lows, and all the uncertain moments in between.

I hope to discuss the obvious (a whole host of topics relating to mothers) but also the not so obvious. I will be writing about my thoughts of the more abstract concept of the “Maternal” — as I believe that this is something not confined to family structure, reproduction or gender. Many of us will know someone in our family, work or community that embodies all the qualities of the maternal (though they themselves may not have children) , and I’m keen to delve deeper into what this means — to us as individuals, as well as society as a whole.

What not to expect? (mini-disclaimer)

I will always aim to educate with my writing, however this is probably not the best place to get your statistical data from, (which, by the time you have finished reading this sentence will be outdated anyway). If your soul is yearning for more evidence based learning, I would suggest some of the more “top shelf” journals for that — British Journal of Psychiatry, Lancet, BMJ and Archive of Womens Mental Health are my personal “favourites” currently.

Finally, for confidentiality reasons, I will not be sharing patient, professional or location specific details, which I hope you will understand without need for a lengthy explanation. This also will not be a “case study reflection” kind of blog — as again, it somewhat defeats the purpose of the “musing” , and could put patient anonymity at risk.

SO… here we go — should I press the “publish” button?

we are published!