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Contenta is a Drupal distribution that gives you modern API capabilities out-of-the box with JSON API, which amongst other features allows you to fetch nested resources in one request, and plans to include the similar GraphQL service soon. It’s ready to feed content to your JavaScript powered website, phone app, TV, or even the mythical fridge application.

The Longer Story

It’s 2013 and I’m sitting in a big auditorium watching Lin Clark and Klaus Purer talk about the ongoing effort to expose Drupal 8’s content as a REST server. I am so inspired by their talk that I decide to help out on that and sprint with them on the topic. I sit on Klaus’ table and never ask him how can I help? I don’t want to bother him while he is working. He doesn’t even know I want to collaborate.

  • I work on a succession of fully decoupled projects for clients.
  • I decide to contribute to Drupal 8 an ecosystem of modules for decoupled Drupal, based on my experience with real projects.
  • As the API-First initiative co-coordinator (tag teaming with Wim Leers), I foster the conversation for an API-first distribution openly. We call it Contenta.
  • I get to work with some other humans on Contenta.

Contenta CMS

Decoupled Drupal allows people outside of the Drupal community to build applications leveraging the best CMS that there is. In theory, you don’t need to be a Drupal developer, or understand much of Drupal, to build an Ember application powered by Drupal on the back-end.

The mission of Contenta.
  • Demo content to start testing right away that can be reverted with one click.
The first quick installer we ever released.

The demo applications

Even if the back-end is exciting, the most exciting part is the number of demo applications that we are working on.

The welcome screen when you install Contenta
Many people donating their time.

Come and Help

We have an open collaboration model. Everything is open to everyone for discussion. Even the weekly API-First meetings–the open forum where we meet–are recorded so other people can be part of the conversation.

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