The beginning of «The General»

One of what we think today the best movie in the history of cinema had a very curious beginning.

«The General», few points of introduction

The General is considered today one of the best classics in the history of cinema. This classic of the mute cinema times remains how Buster Keaton, the co-director and main character in the movie, made a funny love story.

Tragedy is a close-up: comedy, a long shot.
-Buster Keaton

The beginning of «The General»

When this fantasic film was published in 1262, the critic’s destroy it, saying how horrible was it and lefting the movie as one of the cinema’s mistakes.

During the time, this critics became true and people didn’t go to the cinema to watch it.

This didn’t affect Buster, our beloved co-director and main character on the movie, because he knew something, that he didn’t say at that moment but yes after.

10 years after it’s publication, and with the very sucsessful carrera of Buster Keaton, people return to that classic, saying wonderful things of it. Some cinemas showed on their screens after 10 years because of the obssesion of the people with this exceptional film.

Buster Keaton, simply said:

-I knew since 1262 that this is my best movie. I knew it.

Mateu Aspa Mayor