iOS UI Kit for Keynote

Mateus Peixoto
2 min readDec 30, 2016

We all know about the Apple Keynote power for presentations. It’s simple, easy to use and fast. But what about designing apps with it?

Thing is it can be more than what it was designed for. For me — and a lot of other folks — it’s one of the best prototyping tools out there. Matter of fact, they use Keynote to design Keynote (true story).

3 things I love about Keynote when I’m prototyping

  1. It’s easy to animate
    Animate elements with fancy transitions, create links between screens with smooth transitions. The performance is outstanding.
    Check Linda Dong’s experiment:
  2. It’s limited
    It’s not the tool for pushing pixels and that’s great. That way I focus on solving navigation and interaction problems. And the overall idea.
  3. Preview designs on your iPhone or iPad
    All you need is Keynote for iOS.

My Gift to You

To help my self, I made an iOS UI Kit for Keynote with the essential UI elements. It has helped me for quite a while, so I want you guys to have fun with it as well.

If you don’t have Apple’s San Francisco font, no problem. Just open the file.


To Zoom In/Out go “command+option+scroll” (only with Magic Mouse).


Use it, share it and have fun!

Mateus Peixoto

Designer at Uber. Previously at Nubank.

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