On dating men with “potential”

Oh my… I loved and hated this text. Hated because I saw myself in those “men with potential”, those losers. I hated this unbearable truth being shoved upon my face. And I loved it for the exact same reason. I’m 18 now and I’m starting to realize i am becoming a man, and that’s the scariest feeling i’ve ever faced. For my whole life people told I have potential, and thing always worked out for me with little or no effort. But I know that’s not going to last. I’have to get things done, transform my potential in action, and that is the hardest part. But what hurts me most, is that it implies that my gigatic flaws makes me “unlovable”.

When I started writing this reply I was still single. Now I have my fisrt girlfriend ever. And I never felt better in my whole life, I never got so many stuff done. And all that because I wake up every morning thinking about her, instead of thinking about ending my life. She hasn’t “fixed” my lack of will, but now I have something to cherish for. You are right, men with “potential” must at some point transform that in actual results. I used to cry every night because I couldn’t do that. Now I just want to be someone better for her. As cliche as it may sound.