Doing user research in emerging markets
Alice Newton-Rex

As a designer living and working in a “emerging market” I do tend to agree with what you say although “emerging market” isn’t the way I’d describe my country (I also understand that people have been using that term for a long time. And again, I disagree with that).

I’ve been inclined on writing something about the hardship and lessons learned from working as an UX Designer inside “emerging markets” governmental institutions, since lots of unexpected things end up happening on a daily basis.

I hope you learn even more from meeting real people that have real needs on “emerging markets”, I like to think that “emerging markets” have a social core closer to reality than already developed and structured markets, and I would even say that a term like “urgent society” ends up carrying a lot more empathy than “emerging market” (a lot of other terms do too, of course). On some places I don’t think the “market” vision does/should apply, specially when talking about user research.

*Not that I find this particularly offensive ( I don’t), it’s a branch of idea that I thought resonated with the subject at hand.