How to engineer reliable software

Yet another article about TDD.

Ten artykuł jest również dostępny w języku polskim na LinkedIn.

This article is made from the lightning talk that I have presented to my work colleagues.

Test Driven Development
How to engineer reliable software.

How many vulnerabilities can three lines of code introduce

Random code in the IDE :)

You have started working on a new project. And from time to time when you are reading the code in the repository you have this (hard to define) feeling. Feeling that something is wrong. So you are going deeper into the code and start playing with it.

Let’s have a look at the following piece of code that I have discovered. It was like this:

router.get('/image/:url', (req, res) => {

This code had one job: download image(hosted on another website) and sent it to the user on our domain (

For example, when you would go…

Mateusz Niezgoda

Software engineer #nodeJS #AWS

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