Acquiring Knowledge is what evolution wants

I believe humanity will improve as its knowledge grows.

Our thirst for knowledge is a manifestation of our will to ‘survive’.

Making humans curious in the first place, seeking adventures, collecting and reporting those informations into memory, with an ever increasingly better understanding of the world… All those are tricks of evolution to have us survive and spread.

How profound of an advantage knowledge gives us compared to other ‘survival’ advantages other species possess.

How powerful ‘knowledge’ is as a weapon. Our global knowledge grows as a result of our intelligence (which is merely the ability to synthesize different pieces of knowledge), and our creativity (Which allows us to explore new pieces in the puzzle that is absolute knowledge), and our language (Which allows us to transmit pieces of informations from one brain to the next, one generation to the next, one culture to the next…).

How interesting that many different conditions are put together to form the impressive knowledge collecting machine that are our brains.

What I mean by all that is: What if it was an unconscious ‘will’ to ‘survive’ for humanity that we grow our knowledge exponentially.

Surely that’d be a handy trick for “all the forms of life on earth” If at least one species would be able to destroy asteroids before they land on the earth and wipe out most life forms? Nice anti-body mechanism, isn’t it?

Maybe we’re just “that smart” as a neat trick of ‘god’ (or the one who runs the earth, or play the game of planets, with earth as an avatar…). We’re meant to protect it.

If you assume the earth might have its own ‘life’ and means of influencing his ecosystem and how it evolves; Knowledge would be a nice tool to have his creations (or offsprings, whatever you want to call it) survive.

It would grow one species with the main aim to protect the earth against extra-terrestrial invaders that meteorites are. Maybe it’s been trying that all along? Since the beginning of our existence, it’s been trying to do that.

Maybe the sole purpose of our existence is to protect the earth from those invaders?

Or on the contrary, could it be that the existence of our highly knowledgeable species is made for the sole purpose of data-mining? In other words: “Knowledge for its own sake”?

Are we meant to expand knowledge for no other reason than ‘collecting knowledge’ or ‘killing asteroids’ ? We’re just random made to serve our own ‘interest’ (Which is also very possible) or are we made to protect the earth, be its immune system, or even are we made to eventually cross pollinate life from planets to planets? Are we made to explore other planets and galaxies, and universes, Maybe we’re just pollen. Meant to travel to other flowers…

Food for thoughts.