IDEA: Non-Lethal war

This could sound like a stupid idea but that’s how great ideas start.

Wouldn’t it be great if the U.N and ‘Western’ countries commit to invest in majority-to-almost exclusively in non-lethal weapons?

We all know the threat of ISIS and the war that is going on over there…

Wouldn’t it be of great wisdom to disprove ISIS propaganda which is mostly based on we’re “the Evil”?

One thing We’ve heard from an hostage in Afghanistan… was that the biggest blow to ISIS was how the Syrian refugees crisis was handled in Europe. How Germany welcoming millions, while Saudi Arabia virtually none, was making it harder for their propaganda to hold and have the leaders maintain their position of moral superiority… how can it not be seen as we’re the mercifuls, we’re the tolerant...? After a while if you drop all your charges your enemy’s propaganda will fall appart amongst new potential recruit… They’re not that blind. It can only go so far in the light of enough evidence.

So by committing to a non-lethal war on ISIS, we would display clear proof of moral superiority that will also be sure to impact their indoctrination and perhaps also leading to more people willing to surrender.

I’d like that shift from this maxime of “Take no prisoners”, to “Take Only prisoners.”

Then of course prisoners would be treated with respect… If needs be to fight brainwashing with brainwashing and undo the mental damage so be it! I see fundamentalism as mental damage… A virus of the operating system of a human being. Like NAZI was. Like certain ideas are… Certain programs are. I consider Radical Islam as a sickness… A sick idea… Something that needs to be cured… but you don’t cure a disease by killing your patient with a bullet… You kill those ideas and replace with new ones!

And probably better ones… let’s not be shy about it and be candid with that. Kill the virus, fix the bugs…

If we can’t avoid the fight at all, Wouldn’t it be great to show we are working toward peace and make a statement?

Wars are still fought with guns & bullets… Wouldn’t it be time to evolve and come up with something new? It used to be fought with sticks and stones, then silver… bow and arrows…Guns… Well instead of making it about bigger guns or nuclear bombs towards the more… Can we evolve it towards the wisest? Incapacitating without the harm. Or prevention as primal solution in a similar way I can see our focus on medecine shifting towards preventive solutions such as nurtrition, exercise, education…?

Can we use our ‘creativity’ for the lesser evil? If we invested as much money into new non-lethal weapons as invest into deadly ones… I’m sure we would find even more efficients way to fight. This would be efficient to fight in the field of ideas.

We do air strikes with bombs. Maybe we’d do air strikes with gaz?

Maybe with sound waves? Incapacitating people.

Shooting with sedatives?

Broadcasting propaganda discouraging messages? Show some billboard commercials that will invite them to kiss their wife and drop their guns? Use our best minds into creative area to brainwash them and convince them to do what we’d like them to… Perhaps using the same geniuses that do our commercial… Using our societies sins and knowledge to fight… That indeed would be called manipulation but that’d be a valid and lesser evil form of war fighting. We could use experts in marketing and designers to find new solutions ? Why not?

I’m sure there are lots of other ways… We can figure it out…

we just have to commit to it. Stick with it. Own it. It might be harder… But will be what should be. I think.

I personally, with all my creativity and knowledge about design, would honestly be glad to use my skills to fight a ‘creative’ but peaceful war against the enemies of our democracies and modern values. If we commit to a non-lethal way of fighting… that would be the bulletproof proof that we live those values. I’d fight such a war. You?

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 
Sun Tzu, The Art of War
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