I’ve read a million Medium articles but this is the first one I’ve ever commented on because it is…
Alice Ely

Maybe try Europeans folks? I remember my interactions with both the male AND female genre in the U.S.A to be pretty similar. It was “me Me me”, and “I did this”, “ I know X”. And it seems like the new generation is even worse in that regard. It’s like one has to constantly show off. And in London where I live this is very foreign (and lame) behaviour.

But Then again this article displayed publicly a lot of your achievements… It has you looking good and draw attention toward your person while you didn’t really needed to brag about your achievements to make your point. ;-)

I’d say it’s very much a cultural thing.

My advice if you think that others should change would be to tell it like it is. “I’m not a big fan of self-centered individuals” or “did You know you spoke 2 hours about yourself?” During the conversation. Try that! Use some French or Jewish bluntness.

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