I make the prediction that we will discover Gene mutations are caused by quantum movements. We should be able to verify that claim within few years. Which will mean that our evolution is the result, not just of some ‘random’ atoms interacting together, but by quantum level particles interacting with each others.

Genetic mutations are a means for a ‘subatomic life-force’ to spread. It wants us to evolve so life can spread all over the galaxy or the universe…

For those who don’t know the quantum world. It’s weird, it’s unpredictable. It doesn’t make sense as we know it.

It would make sense to me perhaps that we would consider it as a living entity.

We do not comprehend life as a whole as much as we understand the movement of the planets. We can much better create models for the bigger than the smaller. Our unit of measure allowing us a great resolution at large scale. Basically we can’t observe the great variations in the universe, as its timescale is gigantic. It’s probable that the universe doesn’t entirely behave as we expect it does. But It would take us centuries to be able to notice it.

So we do not really feel the variations, the unpredictabilities that come associated with life. Perhaps the meteorites that crashes eventually every few million years or so are one of such unpredictabilities, how come they arrive once in a while from different planets or the shell of our solar system?

We haven’t had enough time in our ‘timescale’ to see all the ‘noise’ and errors in our knowledge of physics. And unpredictability or noise could be associated with ‘life’. It would not just make sense mathematically, but ‘biologically’. A biology of the infinitely big, and the infinitely small.

We understand how planets orbits and some large-scale laws that works well enough. But we still make simplifications in our calculations. We do not include the randomness of the world in our equations. We just don’t have enough understanding of it, so we dismiss it. But what if we understood this ‘random’ variation, not in a ‘mathematical’ sense but in a ‘biological’ sense.

What if everything that we attribute to ‘randomness’ is in fact a manifestation of life?

It’s now my strong belief that life occurs at many different scales. The milli, the micro, the nano and sub-atomic, as well as the galactic, the gigantic. Perhaps even our universe is its own ‘life’ form. But with such a long time frame of existence that we can’t perceive it. In the same manner the movements at sub-atomic level are too rapid and odd as we don’t understand its principles. We’re too detached from its scale. If we were to go even beyond the quarks we would notice the same thing again and again… The ‘randomness’ we experience is life trying to steer its way towards ‘survival’. Evolution is how it does the steering. Slightly influencing our genetic code, and our evolution. Perhaps evolution is a creation of those sub-atomic life forces, to spread around the galaxy?

The quantum movements are a subatomic manifestation of life. I believe that everything we think as ‘matter’ is a creation of this tiny scale ’life’. Life is merely energy that evolved stackable blocks that we call matter. As you may know, matter is mostly empty on the inside. What we we experience as matter is merely an oscillation.

Question is, are we part of the larger life force that is the earth? Are we just the composite of tiny-sub-atomic life forms? Or both? We all belong to the living entity we call planet earth, an other living entity amongst others… Or perhaps we’re part of that even larger entity we call The milky way (“Our galaxy”)? If you look at them, they look certain like some life forms we know… Perhaps like a plankton in the sea…

Are we cells of the infinitely big or ecosystems of the infinitely small?