Yes Knicks have been bad but they have same record as t’wolves they are not as terrible as everyone makes it out to be.
Main problem was Melo and KP beef with Phil.
Henry WC

The “haven’t made the playoffs since 2004” Timberwolves?

The “We thought they would learn to play defense under Thibodeau” Timberwolves?

The “We’re five times more likely to make the playoffs in the West than the Knicks are in the East now that we have Jimmy Butler” Timberwolves?

Those Timberwolves?

Phil couldn’t hang on to a coach, he couldn’t keep his mitts off the X’s and O’s, he lost Chandler/Felton/JR/Shumpert/Hardaway for peanuts, he made the abysmal Rose trade and Noah signing, he gave Melo the no-trade clause and then tried to bully him out of New York anyway, and he got his friend to take a big steaming dump all over Porzingis.

But sure, it’s Melo and Porzingis’ fault for…using their contacts in the media? What? That’s what Phil did. I mean, when he wasn’t saying things his own self.

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