A year and few sunrises ago, seated at the sunny terrace of a café, I was starting the first sketch of a long series. This step was the answer to many months of recurring questions “How can I improve my sketching skills?, What is actually my sketching style?, What is my creative process…?”. My challenge was certainly based on sketching, but it may as well have been about writing, playing music… or anything you love doing but just cannot get yourself to do as frequently as you wish.

From the CreativeMornings to the PechaKucha nights, I’ve always been impressed by…

From note taking to concept visualization

No need to learn a new language; sketching is universal! Because everybody is able to draw, because everything is drawable.

Waiting for my 365sketch challenge to be finished, I would like to share some insights I learned from past projects, and from the Pezy Group team. We are in constant need of new information, new images and new content, but we are at the same time struggling to express ideas when it’s about breakthrough innovation. After all, it doesn’t exist yet, it is still intangible. Visuals and sketches become thus, together with explanations, the reference of what is being created…

Mathieu Nauleau

Product Designer

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