Destiny 2: The Game With Issues

It has been a few weeks since Bungie released the game Destiny 2 and they have run into quite a few technical issues since the release. Some players are witnessing this while playing the game, they can be in a strike and all the sudden all other players get a notice that so and so has left the game. They can also experience sudden crashes with the Playstation Party system. Only some players seem to be experiencing this however, some others are simply getting annoyed that they are losing valuable team members at critical points in the game. Bungie seems like they have issues to address with the newest update of Destiny 2 such as instant crashes at any point and Playstation may even have some issues to address with the party system.

Imagine you are playing a game, any game, on the internet with a giant group of people and you all go to do something together within the game. You’re going through the game and you reach a critical point in the game. Then all the sudden one of the players suddenly disappears with no warning and then you can longer even hear them so you can’t even ask them what just happened. Then, after a few long seconds of agonizing waiting, they reappear and you can talk to them once again. Not even 5 minutes later the exact same thing happens again. This is what some players have been experiencing while playing Destiny 2 with the newest update that Bungie released. The players that have been experiencing it are given no warning what so ever, just all the sudden they are kicked out of the game and get a notice that they are being connected with Destiny servers. Then they are ‘logged out’ of the game entirely and have to open it back up and rejoin, if they can, with the activity they were in before the crash. If you were to google the issue you would immediately see that you are certainly not the only one experiencing this issue. In fact, many people on Reddit, generally social media, and even Bungie’s help forum, many players “have reported suffer[ing] frustrating game crashes while playing Destiny 2,” (Eurogamer). Eurogamer has a small article about the Destiny Servers and how you are truly not alone with suffering through the sudden crashes that came with the recent update to the game.

For other players who are not experiencing this problem, it is simply annoying that this keeps happening. It may not be happening directly to us, but it has a huge impact on our game play. In Destiny you have strikes that you go and play with other players, but it can be hard to finish it when you are down a player, especially when you are in a critical point of the strike. You can be fighting four enemies at once and since you only have a total of three players you need everyone giving their everything. When a player is suddenly missing it makes it incredibly hard to complete the strike and stay alive. What is a real kicker in the jaw is when you also lose contact with the player that just left. They leave the party that connects everyone and then all the sudden join again, together these issues make it hard to not get annoyed. However Bungie has been made aware of this issue and has already taken initiative to get the problem fixed so everyone can have a fun time playing Destiny.

“We are aware of and investigating players on PlayStation 4 receiving errors indicating permissions to access online multiplayer may have changed.”

~Bungie’s response to a Destiny 2 servers having issues

I can say for myself that it is hard to ‘keep your cool’ while this is happening. It only happens to one out of six players that I am connected with and when you are mid conversation with them and all the sudden you are talking to no one, it makes you feel like they don’t care. You know that’s not at all true, but it’s hard not to feel that way. I know that multiple times when I am playing with my friend having the issue I have to remind myself that he’s not leaving, it’s Destiny servers being disconnected. The weirdest part to me is that this is only happening to a select number of people that have the most recent update to the destiny game. You would think that with the most recent update there would not be an issue such as this one.

Either way you look at it, Bungie is only trying their best to get the issue fixed, making Destiny a much more enjoyable game to play with friends. By fixing this issue they will also make the action opening the Destiny game much less worrisome for the players experiencing this issue. This will make conversations much more enjoyable as well.

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