5 Reasons Why Boracay is Still a Great Holiday Destination

Boracay is a place I have visited many times since 1999. In fact I loved it so much that I lived there for 2 years. The island has changed over the years, with ever more construction. Recently there seems to be a surge in shanties too, most likely due to the demand for cheap labor. However there are some compelling reasons as to why the island is still a great tourist destination.

Unbeatable Sunsets

For some reason the island of Boaracy has some of the best sunsets I have seen, and I have traveled extensively. The main beach (White Beach) faces eastwards. At around 6pm every night the beach fills up in anticipation for the sunset.

Sunset on Boracay March 2015- a very average one by Boracay’s high standards

Local holidaymakers and many from other parts of Asia hate getting a tan, so the beach is faily quite around midday. But they all flock out in the later afternoon for sunset walks, saling or just to sit in a beachfront bar for happy hour cocktails.

The above photo was one I took recently whilst sipping on a cheap beer in a hammock. Having the swaying palm trees above your head as the sky changes from yellow to amber to orange to red and finally to purple, is the perfect way to relax.

Sand as White and Powdery as Anywhere

Boracay is famous for the sand on White Beach. It is a joy to feel the powdery texture on your bare feet, especially at the northern section of White Beach.

The island often gets flack for being overly commercial and overcrowded. There is now even a MacDonalds, despite protests from residents. However the north of White Beach features more spacious stretches of sand and some of the resorts take good care of the sand.

You will also find unspoilt beaches on other parts of the island. A prime example is Puka beach on the nort tip. This long stretch of white sand is slighty more coarse and the waves are rougher, but it is very quiet and an excellent place to visit for an afternoon and sunset drink.

North End of White Beach just before sunset March 2015

Awesome Array of Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

One big plus about the development on the island is the fact that you can choose from a wide selection of hotels, restaurants and bars. You can pay as little as 250 Pesos for a dorm bed, or 25,000 Pesos a night for a luxury suite in one of the 5 star resorts. There must be over a hundred accommodation options.

Restaurants and bars are also well represented. From cheap local food at the deliciously simple Smokes, to fine dining on the beach in the top resorts.

Once night falls there is a selection of bars to choose from and the occasional dance party, usually on full moon nights. Bars offer great deals on drinks at happy hour, which can last as long as 5 hours is many places.

Relaxing Activities Including a Great Selection of Spas

One thing Boracay does well is relaxation. Never have I been to a beach or island where I am content to do nothing but chill out for 10+ days. Just lying on a sun bed under the shade of palm trees is a bliss which never gets boring.

Boracay has a great selection of spas, which offer massage and other treatments. You can can pay as little as 250 Pesos for a massage on the beach, or 10,000+ for a spa package at one of the top luxury spas.

Sailing is another great way to relax. The local sailing boats usually set sail just before sunset. For a more luxurious experience with food and drink, award winning spa Bella Isa has just began a Boracay Sailing experience on board a real luxury yacht called the Tamarind.

Tamarind yacht by Yachting Boracay

Great Weather All Year Round

Boracay is in the tropics, which means it is hot all year round. There is never a need to wear a sweater, long trousers or socks. The dress code is beach casual and I never wore anything other than flip flops when I used to live there. April is the hottest month and late December and early January is the coolest time.

The wet season runs from June to November, but the rain is often just an afternoon shower. You might get lucky and experience no rain when visiting in the rainy season. The island is fairly well protected by other islands in the Philippines. This means that the typhoons which occasionally hit the country are never at full strength, making the island safe year round.

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