Christmas Gifts for Men in their 30s

It is almost the festive season so I thought I would do a kind of Santa’s wish list as a post here. This is the list of things I would like to get this Christmas but I will explain why they could be good for any guy in their 30s.

1. Apple iPad Air or an iPhone 6

Apple is a company I love and hate. They make awesome products which have better build quality than other brands. The designs are always stylish and they really think deeply about functionality with a strong emphasis on simplicity.

I dislike the company because they rip off customers for extra storage and things like spare wires. Plus they have more cash available than the US government yet they do nothing with it.

Apple is a company with $160 billion just sitting in the bank. I find this very unethical when you consider how many people are suffering in the world. If Microsoft created products nearly as good as Apple I would certainly switch as Bill Gates is known for his charity work. But alas, Apple are miles ahead of the competition when it comes to making beautiful products that work well.

I got the iPad Air when it was first released last year so I am not too bothered about upgrading to the new one. I do think it would make a great gift as it is now even thinner.

The iPhone 6 is the first iPhone I have ever really liked, honestly. The 3 was round and bulbus, the 4 was slippery and uncomfortable to hold, the 5 was an improvement but I still much preferred my iPod Touch 5.

The iPhone 6 design is more like the iPod and it is just about small enough to still be used one handed, thanks to the curved edges, thin design and lovely material. I am sure it is also a great phone to use.

The iPhone 6 Plus felt horrible in my hand, far to big for my liking. I like a phone to be a phone and a tablet to do other stuff on. So if you want to splash the cash, an iPhone 6 or the new iPad Air would probably delight most men in their 30s.

2. SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer

I have added a link for this one as it is probably something you have not heard of. The Sweetspot trainer is a device which attaches to the bottom of ski boots. It then allows you to simulate skiing in your home.

I have my first ever ski trip planned for next February so this fairly priced pair of training blocks seems like the perfect mid-range gift at $70. I plan to visit a dry ski slope before the holiday but using this should really help me get the hang of the basics.

I assume anyone else who is starting to ski would also benefit from the Sweetspot. Apparently it is also of use to skiers with experience too. Anyway the price makes this a much more realistic option for me this year.

SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer- Perfect Xmas Gift for Budding Skiers

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Lets end with a gift which could cost $20 or as much as $1,000. A good bluetooth speaker is essential these days. If you have the cash go for a Bose home speaker system. Everything is going wireless including hi-fi, and most guys are like me and love to have the latest technology.

Travel bluetooth speakers are also great gifts and can be very cheap. A good place to shop for these is Amazon because you can check for reviews. My current travel speaker wasn’t bought from there and has now disappeared from the website it was sold on, which shall remain nameless. The battery died very quickly, luckily it was the same as an old Nokia battery so it is plodding on for now.

That is the end of my short list for Santa. I think most price ranges are covered and you should hopefully have some new ideas about what to buy your 30 something year old man this year.

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