The Unfortunate Situation of Looking for Care Home

Mathaius Mayer
Sep 5, 2015 · 2 min read

Recently we had to look for a care home for an old family friend in the Midlands (UK). Not a great time. We were given some recommendations from his doctor, but it turns out recommendations are not always the best thing; hence this piece…

As the “internet geek” in the family I was tasked with looking up the recommended homes online and was also asked to look out for others in the region. Our family friend has dementia pretty bad, so it was a case of checking which nursing and care homes were suitable. Different establishments specialise and cater to different needs.

In the end we visited the two recommendations and two other care homes in Stoke on Trent. The recommendations were awful. They were cheaper but our elderly family friend wasn’t in a council house or anything. He could afford at least a decent standard of comfort in his autumn years.

Image for post
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New Park House — easily the best care home we visited in Stoke on Trent

In the end it was a very easy choice. New Park House wasn’t too far from our family friend’s house and it is much nicer than the other 3 home we saw. The second one I researched was decent, but had a hospital smell. It put me and my family off immediately. The 2 the doc recommended were stale smelling and dark, dingy places.

So the moral of this quick story is don’t necessarily take your GP’s recommendation when looking for a care home. Get online and contact a few different homes in the region, then visit a few in person. You will soon find reviews, photos and a place which is ideal for your loved one.

By the way; the home we chose ended up being a similar price to the others, yet it was miles ahead in terms of facilities and general standard of living. Don’t be afraid to visit one of the nicer looking places because the government help out with costs.

Anyway we are all happy with the outcome and after a bit of a settling in period; our family friend is very content at his new home. We all feel satisfied that it was a good job and deed done.

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