Using a Relaxation Video in Waiting Rooms

The other day my fiancee was involved in a motorbike accident. It was all rather stressful while we waited for the doctor’s opinion, as she had a back injury. I couldn’t help thinking that it would of been a better wait had there been a relaxation video looping in the waiting room. Anyway it all turned out OK and she is quickly recovering with minor injuries.

At home I have a selection of videos from a site called Uscenes. I have contributed to some of these videos such as the one below. The basic idea is to point the camera at an attractive scene from nature and not move the camera, thus creating a window to some lovely scenery.

The recording features movement but it is repetitive. This way the relaxation video can repeated (looped) for as long as you like with a barely noticeable loop point.

Uscenes has strict rules about camera quality and all footage must be shot in full HD (1080p). They will be venturing into the higher resolution 4k in 2015. If you watch the video above press play, then you will see a cog icon appear, you can then select 1080p for the best quality setting.

As you can see from the above, these relaxation videos are not limited to scenery. Aquariums make perfect relaxation videos, the one above being a top seller at Uscenes. Most people’s TVs are a similar size to a large fish tank so they look very cool.

Fireplaces are extremely popular at winter, especially around Christmas time. Probably because people are scared about having family round all day on Christmas Day and they want to avoid a flat atmosphere, without watching TV.

The one below is a good relaxing fireplace as it has brass framing. We had this one on for a few hours last Christmas Day. It really helps to add ambience to a room. There was a gas fire providing heat and the one below on the big screen TV, so it was almost as good as the real thing.

Back to the original topic- using these relaxation videos in waiting rooms

Uscenes has sold these relaxation videos to various establishments, from dentists to funeral homes. The best of the bunch so far has been on a new TV channel dedicated to Uscenes videos on Emirates flights.

This was the world’s number one airline in 2013 so when we heard about the concept for Relax TV, we were delighted. They currently show 6 of the relaxation videos in-flight to help passengers have a more comfortable, calming experience. Some of the videos are even good for helping you sleep, although that is probably not a good thing for waiting rooms.

Below is a list of establishments that I can think of which could benefit from showing relaxation videos in the background:

  • Bars — So often bars feature noisy sports matches that no-one is interested in watching. They are the perfect place to use these videos to create a certain atmosphere.
  • Healthcare Waiting Areas— This is a no brainer for me. I am rather squeamish and tend to deflect my gaze away from everyone except nurses and doctors in hospitals. Having a relaxing background video on is something to glance at and the sounds would certainly of calmed my nerves at my recent visit to the hospital. Obviously this will work in dentists and any other type of clinic or healthcare center.
  • Flights and Airports— We know these videos are great on flights as they helped a Uscenes employee’s wife fall asleep on a recent Emirates flight. But they could also be used to great effect in airport waiting lounges. Traveling these days can be rather stressful, especially now security is much tighter, so a relaxing scene from nature should help calm people’s nerves before flying.
  • Literally anywhere else with a waiting room— As I mentioned there is at least one funeral home using these videos, but they have also been used in waiting areas at garages, pharmacies and offices. They are good to create a pleasing vibe in the background at any waiting area.

If you want to see the whole collection click on Uscenes Relaxation Videos where you can browse the different categories (nature, fireplaces and aquariums).

All videos also come with computer screensaver versions too for your laptops and PCs. The videos do not come on DVD as the quality is far worse than 1080p Full HD, so Uscenes kept it a download only service to keep prices fair. There are tips on various ways to play the videos on any TV screen on the Uscenes’ blog.