Our 1-year Kickstarter Anniversary

On June 5th, 2014, the Mathbreakers team had a barely functioning prototype and a big dream. We were nervous as we clicked “Start campaign” on Kickstarter asking for $42,000, because if we didn’t make our goal we would get nothing and we would be out of money. Fortunately, with the help of our many friends, fans, and hard work from our own team, we made it! THANK YOU to all of our backers who helped make our vision a reality.

A LOT has happened at Mathbreakers! Briefly,

  • Mathbreakers video game is now available for purchase on our website.
  • We have established that our customers love our product, and we’re solving a real problem. Now our job is scaling it up.
  • We’re moving to WebGL so in our next version you won’t need to download anything to play.
  • We’re adding Algebra. Our vision is still K-12, and Algebra is a logical step for 2015.
  • We finished the co-lab incubator (playcolab.com) which helped us break into the school market, and now kids across the country are playing Mathbreakers in their classrooms.

Some of you may have noticed you haven’t received your shirt or spikey USB yet — never fear, we may be late but we are on track to deliver. Your shirts are ordered and are being mailed to us, and we bought a 3-D printer which is printing spikey #3 as I write this (we have about a hundred to go!)

Thanks again, and stay tuned — we’ve got a ton in store for Math gamers this year!