Dev Log: R1D1

Decided to set my R1D1 for #100DaysOfCode on New Year 2018. Seems like a good idea to set time interval for dev logs. Will post tidbits of what I do daily in small posts like this. There will be no structure for now, but maybe overtime I’ll find something that works.


  • Correctly setup Kneden for the Preact app using preact-cli-async-plugin . Now we can write async/await in the Preact components nicely. (Yes I should have done this days/weeks ago but it’s a lot of hassle.)


  • Fixed
  • Refactored a lot of ugly code (still ugly tho) and (designed, and then) implemented a user-friendly flow to fetch old/all threads and refresh
  • Swapped CookieFileStorage with CookieMemoryStorage to fix issues where users change/swap their usernames, denied permission, etc. User can go back to use CookieFileStorage (stores user session in disk) by passing -s | --persist option when running the app
  • Added hints for commands in chat mode
  • Stilll wondering why my update-notifier setup doesn’t work 🤔

See you tomorrow.

-Muhammad Mustadi