How To Keep Going Strong When Life Kicks Your Ass
Darius Foroux

Another great article! Thank you. A few comments: whilst I totally get what you’re saying about the positivity movement, the one thing that I’ve learned is that a positive attitude does actually make a critical difference. In my own research, through my personal journey with anxiety and in studying Feldenkrais, I’ve discovered that you can actually plant a seed that grows into positive, tangible change if you do something as simple as focusing on the positives. We have the power to become our thoughts, whether we like them or not. So, guide yourself accordingly. That said, one thing I started recently was a practice I call “Coffee & Compassion.” Basically, I cannot have my first cup of coffee without engaging compassion in some way. Interestingly enough, this focus on a positive dynamic between the self and others has changed my attitude and behavior in the past few weeks and I find myself more mindful as a leader. Last, though not my area of expertise, I think there’s some interesting material around neuroscience that demonstrates the power of thought. Stay curious and be well. Looking forward to your next article.