The Bold Face of The Democratic Party’s Hypocrisy & Racism

You’re right that Democrats use this particular tactic. But keep in mind that this is a generic tactic. Politics is just the manipulation of people for personal gain (this should remind you of an extreme version of a conman) . Usually those people under manipulation aren’t very intelligent. So there’s that problem. And it makes it that much easier to scam them.

So I have to say that when you’re talking about Democrats using pressure points like racism to score points with voters you’re talking about all of politics. Rarely you run into a genuine politician. And when you do you realize he or she isn’t going to win a majority.

So whose fault is it? Were people ignorant before the defunding of public education or after? Did ignorance make the political system what it is today or did disingenuous politicians destroy the system and result in poor decisions on public education, resulting in masses of easily manipulated voters?