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Ajay strongly believes in continuous learning and improvement. He enjoys new challenges. He loves to share his experience and knowledge.

Introduction to Performance Monitoring

The ability to figure out why a particular application is running slowly is a desirable skill that is part science and part art. Whatever level of skill or artistry you possess, gathering the performance data is a necessary first step to diagnosing and resolving a wide range of problems.

Performance monitoring is part of the broader Performance Testing discipline which deals with measuring the performance of an application under test. In addition, performance monitoring is also useful in validating and verifying other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage performance.

If you are working as…

Microsoft Azure Cloud


This article’s purpose is to help everyone understand cloud technology fundamentals for Microsoft Azure. This article helps you clear Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam AZ-900 and beyond. It consist of common concepts, question and answers and links to most useful web page to prepare you for exam as well as to solidify your Azure cloud knowledge.

URLs (must visit and read)

These are the recommended resources and courses you must go to understand cloud fundamentals and Azure fundamentals. I have list them down in order of importance considering you are starting fresh in cloud technologies.

  1. Learning path — Azure fundamentals
  2. Master the basics of Azure
  3. More…

Fast and efficient Python code


Python has reached all time in functionality and popularity because of it tag of most versatile language and becoming champion in data science-machine learning use cases.

Most of us write codes just to reach our goals, often sacrificing best practices and efficiency. At small scale, it is ok, it is not accepted at large scale. Python rescue you by supporting full Object Oriented Programming (OOP) support. Because Python is OOP, using reusable code, and avoiding redundancy is the biggest advantage.

Let’s dig in.

1. class

Most important concept of OOP ‘class’. class is basically a template to create objects. Think of a…

Apache Airflow logo


Apache Airflow has become a de-facto tool for orchestrating and scheduling ETL pipelines. Let’s discuss strength and weakness of Airflow and find out use cases for which Airflow is still a great choice. Let’s find out if Apache Airflow is still a good choice your ETL needs.

Weakness (good to start with this)

It has several weak spots that prevent a user from becoming a devotee of Apache Airflow. Some of them may be fixed in future releases, so I discuss the issues as they are at this moment.

1. No versioning

Everyone has version control systems and it is taken for granted. However, Airflow still doesn’t have it…

A pictorial representation of skills based approach

Defining baseline skills

Foundational or “soft” skills occupy an unusual position in the debate over world’s workforce. Employers say these skills are both crucial and hard to find. But it has also been notoriously difficult to define what these baseline skills are.

There is a common assumption that these skills are natural capabilities. “Works well with others” is a cliché on a school report card, but businesses grind to a halt when employees can’t meet deadlines, treat customers with respect, or waste time scrambling to properly format a document.

Using a report published by burning glass, let’s try to define these skills based…

Surface Book 3 15-inch


Following up from my last article on MacBook Pro 2019 (May) vs Surface Book 2, time has come to perform a new comparison i.e. MacBook Pro 16-inch vs Surface Book 3 15-inch.

Apple has once again demonstrated it is ready to go extra miles by launching a very spec ready MacBook Pro 16-inch and at same time, Apple discontinued MacBook Pro 15-inch version. (Those who bought 15-inch version recently can still send it back within 1 month).

The commitment is clearly targeted towards users (and online journalist) who thought Apple is no more interested to cater power users.

So how…

An example of cloud infrastructure diagram as code from


Keeping documentation up to date is a challenge inAgile/DevOps world. This is specially true at start of a project and during upgrades. While there are different ways to generate automatic documentation, when it comes to infrastructure diagrams; very limited options are available.

Cloud infrastructure diagrams are very important. How to keep them updated in code repository? Is it possible to generate diagrams as code? The answer is: YES.

Cloud Infrastructure Diagrams as Code

Recently, there is a phenomenal progress in to it, and leading that progress is ‘Diagram as Code’. It is created by MinJae Kwon.

Diagrams lets you draw the cloud system architecture in…

A Vision of Online Learniing


Whether you are trying online classes for the first time or looking for ways to strengthen your current habits and approaches, there are a few key areas to consider to set yourself up for success and take full advantage of all online learning has to offer.

Learning online is a fantastic way to increase your knowledge and skills in a unique, flexible environment with its own distinct strengths and opportunities.

In this collection of online learning best practices, I share tips and strategies to help you succeed in your learning journey, including ways to:

  • Effectively manage your time and minimize…

Word: Framework


After going through my previous article about Test Data Management(TDM), a lot of reader have asked about well known tools and frameworks. I have compiled a list having name, main capabilities and useful links.

1. Informatica Test Data Management

Main features are:

  • It provides automated data sub-setting, data masking, data connectivity, and test data-generation capabilities.
  • It automatically finds out sensitive data locations.
  • It provides the non-production dataset that completes the requirements of the development team.
  • It also provides the integrated sensitive data discovery that increases the security of test data.
  • It is fulfilling the increasing demand for the test data management.
  • It also completes all…

Generic Examples of Automated Test Frameworks


Automated Test frameworks are an essential part of any successful automated testing process. A automated testing framework is a set of guidelines or rules used for creating and designing test cases. It also includes execution environment for automated tests.

A framework is comprised of a combination of set of assumptions, concepts, practices and tools designed to help QA professionals test more efficiently. These guidelines could include coding standards, test-data handling methods, object repositories, process for storing test results or information on how to access external resources.

Automated Test frameworks are application independent and are easy to expand, maintain and perpetuate…


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