Quote of the day — Mark Cuban

You just have to try different things, and even if 99% of them fail you only have to be right one time. You don’t have to figure it all out in advance.
You can be wrong. You can pick the wrong career, you can pick the wrong job, you can pick the wrong spouse, you can pick the wrong whatever, but you get it right one time, you are set. 
But if you don’t try, if you don’t go out there and try all those different things, you will never get that one time. 
So, it’s not a question of how much different stuff I do, or how many different things you should try… Try them all. Try them all until you find the one you like. Then it gets really easy.
 — Mark Cuban

The worst thing you can do is to assume you only have one chance. You will have multiple chances. Just don’t stand still while trying to figure it all out. Keep going forward, keep searching, keep learning and doing. The more stuff you do, the closer you get to finding your thing and being successful.

Are you trying everything out so you can find your one thing?

Rethink yourself.