Quote of the day — Ralph Lauren

I wanted to sell to Bloomingdale’s, which was the kingpin in New York. When I finally had the chance to show the buyer the ties, he said, “Ralph, I like the patterns, but you gotta make them a quarter of an inch narrower. And I want you to take your name off and put on Sutton East” — that was their private label. I said to the guy, “Gary, I’m dying to sell to Bloomingdale’s, but I’m closing my bag because I can’t take my name off and I can’t make the tie a quarter of an inch narrower.” Six months later they called me back. They bought it.
The breakthrough for me was that… I learned to trust my instincts. I learned to trust my own sense. Because the normal thing to do was to say, “I’ll make them any way you want to”. […] My philosophy was that I loved these ties — I made them — they were not just business to me, they were my voice to myself.
 — Ralph Lauren

Whatever you do, do it for you, for what you believe. Don’t underestimate your work.

Did you make your ties any way the buyer wanted?

Rethink yourself.