Genuine react newbie question — A little while ago I read an article saying that unless you know…
Bryan Waddington

Great question Bryan Waddington

The hypothesis is: use setState. If you can’t use Redux, right?

Well, some people are using Flux, some others are using MobX and loving it. It comes down the personal taste of the team and the problem you’re trying to solve.

We’re using Redux Zero in small/medium size projects, and we’re enjoying it so much that we’ve decided to open source it. 
Redux is great, but it’s learning curve can be a problem to the team. Or maybe all that boilerplate. Redux Zero is way simpler than that. Just call your actions, and they’ll change the state.

My goal with Redux Zero for the future is that people will make this recommendation:

  • Always use setState
  • If you can’t, then use Redux Zero
  • If you can’t, then use Redux


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