Strong Enough

I want to be strong enough

To don’t need

Belong to the same place

My entire life.

I want to be a faded star

With a twinkle in his chest

Singing and dancing

When the rain hits.

I want to be from the world,

I want to be metamorphosis,

Rhythms and cultures,

Romances and tragedies

I want the surprise

And the madness

Which stands in a European

Knowing Latin America

I want to lie down and listen

What say the constellations

On a cold day,

Which. no one beside.

I want the luck of a love not found,

To live in the eternal search

For the other half of the orange.

Exploring cultures

Exploring hearts

Exploring the world

And its variables.

And if I ever find,

I wish that i had lived long enough

To know that there are

Anything else

To search.

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