NOT A HERO: a crazy indie game, violent and funny as hell.

In Not a Hero you control Steve, a retired mercenary that starts to work for a new candidate for mayor of the city: BunnyLord, a big and strange rabbit from the future that wants the help of Steve and others hilarious heroes in other to fight crime. The action and shooting game has nice 2D retro graphics and an amazing soundtrack that make you with the desire to running around killing everyone (in the game, of course).

The objective of Not a Hero, as stated, is to kill criminals that range from badass clowns to crazy old ladies and ensure the election of BunnyLord. The mechanics of the game are simple, you have to run between buildings and streets (always in an agile way) shooting the enemies using three controls: one for reload, other for slide and the last one to use sicks special weapons. Another interesting command is the ability to cover from enemies by hiding behind objects.

The greatest thing about this game is to be able to kill these bastards in an insane and funny way. When you kill someone, it’s cool to see their heads exploding and the blood splashing to everywhere. To get even better, the sound effects of the enemies dying are simply hilarious. Another feature of the game that’s makes me laugh out loud is the voice of BunnyLord and his funny lines. Haha

The developers of Not a Hero were fantastic creating different characters in the game. Each character has unique abilities and personality, making it difficult the task of choosing one to play. One of them is Cletus, a badass truck-hat-wearing hick that reminds me of Trevor (GTA V). Altogether there are nine, and here are my favorites: Jesus, a hilarious sexy Spanish guy, Mike, a man who gets the things done and the adorable female Kimmy.

The only negative factor pointed out by the players is the difficulty somewhat frustrating in completing certain levels. It is a very hard game that requires a lot of trying and error from the player, but for some of them this is actually kind of challenge. Despite this, Not a Hero is perfect for players who enjoy politically incorrect themes, and proves to be a game of great quality. And yes, vote for BunnyLord!