Apple Should Bring Back the Clickwheel iPod
Damon Beres

I like your point. But at the same time I’m not sure it’s a good idea to head in the direction of having a seperate device for each task like one each to play music, make calls, be a calculator, make measurements, a torch, and each of the other utilities a smart phone can provide. The brilliance of the modern device is that it’s all in one, you don’t need to lug a whole bag around, or have a geeky utility belt, to do all these things.

I remember getting told, probably 10 years ago, that we were heading towards more specialised devices. Individual devices that could do one thing really well. But that hasn’t exactly eventuated because it’s just not convenient.

While I wouldn’t buy one I can see a clickwheel ipod being successful the same way retro game consoles have had success, but I can also see an ipod touch being successful if done right, as these days the primary use of a smart phone isn’t the phone part, it’s the internet connection.