Building an Apple Watch Train Times app
Alex Penfold

It’s inspiring to see people just jump in and create solutions when they don’t necessarily have the technical knowledge to start with as you have with this app. Smart watches desperately need more useful apps like these to justify their existence.

In its current form does your train times app simply show a list of all trains that you can scroll through? I’d love to be able to configure an app like this to simply show trains on a specific route (from a specific station to a specific station), i.e. my daily commute back when I was at uni, so that you can quickly see when the next train is and what platform it is on. Better still if it used location to tell weather I want to see the trip to or from uni.

Also a couple questions because I’m interested in the interactions on such a limited interface such as the watch. How does the text entry work for the search, is that by voice? And it seems to have different tabs (judging by the dot indicators at the bottom), do you swipe to get to the search list and other things?