Six Identities with a Cheap Logo Design

A logo design that is cluttered and poorly designed fails to attract the attention of the targeted audience. It’s crucial for a logo design to grab and capture attention otherwise it will defeat the purpose of its existence.

People often think it’s pointless in investing in an identity design without realising its not. Such people then hire designers that aren’t that costly or use free online logo making websites to design an identity for their business. Sometimes you end up with a cheap logo design when you select a less costly options. As they say, you get what you pay for.

Let’s take look at six poorly designed identities:

  1. The Detail Doctor
Image Credits: 1stwebdesigner . com / bad logos

The Detail Doctor is located in New Jersey and is an automotive detailing and hand car wash service provider. But if you look at its image it seems like its missing something. Would someone trust The Detail Doctor to do their car’s detailing when its identity consists of a cheap logo design that is missing some detailing of its own.

2) Computer Doctor

Image Credits: logodesignerblog . com bad-ugly-worst-logo-designs

Computer Doctor repairs computers. Its identity looks a little funny and more of hospital’s identity with the ECG reading and the mouse acting as a stethoscope.

3) NYC Taxi

Image Credits: 1stwebdesigner . com bad-logos/

Everything is New York is fancy then why would NYC Taxi settle for a cheap logo design that has a poorly selected typography. NYC is in a different font type and size and TAXI is in another font type and size.

4) Great American Pizza

Great American Pizza was a Pizzeria located in Homer, It closed a year ago. If you look at its logo its looks like one for some tax consultant or some social service. The reason I’m showing you this design is to convey that it’s important for an identity to represent the business you’re in.

5) Trashy Roots

Image Credits: logodesignerblog . com bad-ugly-worst-logo-designs/

Trashy Roots is a salon and spa located in Texas. The theme of its identity does not match the business Trashy Roots is in, its looks more like a logo for a tattoo parlour. The cheap logo design of Trashy Roots will probably attract teenagers but not older people who might be repelled by the Gothic theme.

6) Pool Service Company

Image Credits: logodesignerblog . com bad-ugly-worst-logo-designs/

Pool Service Company is located in Virginia, it repairs and services commercial and residential plots. The picture of a frog holding a wine glass makes the Pool Service Company pond cleaners not pool cleaners.