Connecting an HR community

A year ago I made the leap from startup to corporate. The experience has deepened my appreciation of human resources’ value proposition.

At our recent HR Forum, the entire group came together to discuss strategic and operational excellence. Talent was threaded through several conversations and connected to our business’ competitive advantage. The most interesting dialogue for me was around change management and leadership behaviours. Chief People Officer, Lorraine Murphy spoke about the tangible connection HR has to business performance:

We have a unique opportunity to move this business forward. It’s a privilege and we need to be responsible.

Internally, we talk about our people strategy as a business strategy. To deliver on this as true business partners, we must do “concierge HR” — not commodity HR. That is, both the strategic and flawless transactional service to our customers. We have to make things simple for our stakeholders.

Following the discussion on personal brand, it was fantastic to see a number of practitioners join Twitter and quickly adopt it as an engagement tool that complemented the presentations (hat tip: Angela Farrelly).

Less than a week on, #FlyingHR is quietly developing into a channel for the HR group to share achievements, opportunities and even the lighter side of our diverse population. Suddenly, we have casual access to HR peers and the things that they’re passionate about, where previously many of us only connected at departmental events.

Now it’s about capitalising on the enthusiasm, providing training and creating more of a culture of sharing. We’ve got a lot to learn from each other.

Are you part of a social HR community? I’d love to hear about your experiences.