Procurement Opportunities for Businesses in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important marketplaces in the world and a key location for global procurement and sourcing ambitions. Turkey procurement is a viable option for thousands of businesses across the globe. This is due to the country’s strong industrial infrastructure and services sectors. Location wise, Turkey is a part of both Europe and Asia. It is the center of the world since ages. There are abundant raw materials in the country, and it is also a key exporter of many different finished and unfinished products. Sourcing and procurement experts are finding newer ways to make the most out of the opportunities Turkey offers.

Since major part if the last 2 decades, Turkey has been a leading exporter to countries in the European Union. The USA, UK, Russia etc. are also key markets for Turkey produced goods and raw materials. Industries across Europe and across the Atlantic procure materials from this country, at friendly costs. Sourcing and procurement agents find lucrative opportunities in Turkish wholesale markets, and associate with profitable suppliers. Procuring metals, agricultural produce, textiles and other materials from Turkey is a common practice many businesses are adopting. It is one of the leading procurement destinations today.

Vast Potential for Quality Procurement Solutions

Global sourcing service providers consider Turkey to be a leading destination for the needs of European and North American businesses. As the facts go, Turkey is one of the biggest exporters of iron and steel, marine liners, clothing, textiles, transport equipments, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Every month, its exports reach billions of Dollars. Turkey’s booming industrial sector and rich natural resources, make it the ideal location for a large number of businesses. It is also rich in various resources like olives, cotton, tobacco, hazelnuts, grains and pulses.

If you are in the industrial sector, Turkey is a leading marketplace for materials like copper, iron ore, gold, mercury, chromium, antimony, and coal. The country is also rich in deposits of sulfur, emery, marble, petite limestone and pumice. Turkish sourcing and procurement services are benefiting countless emerging businesses and industries in the western world. Some restrictions that businesses might face for direct sourcing are the communication and linguistic barriers, and negotiating profitable contracts with the right suppliers. That is where the expertise and knowledge of reliable Turkey procurement partners become valuable.

Turkey Procurement Solutions for Business Growth

Procurement in Turkey is helping businesses derive profitability, reduce key manufacturing costs and achieve growth. The strength of Turkey lies in its vast service sector, which contributes significantly to its GDP. Moreover, Turkish business models are similar to the west in many aspects. Thus its accessibility is quite better than far-flung east Asian sourcing locations.

The country attracts a significant number of investors, who see huge potential in its vast domestic markets. If you are considering procuring materials, finished or semi-finished products from Turkey, consulting with a reputed global sourcing service provider is your best bet. They can help you get the best opportunities to boost your business growth.