Secret Ways To Make Runescape Gold

Visit Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask anyone in the blue uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 runescape gp. When you reach there, walk off the dock and you will see a house. Enter the home and communicate with a man named Luthas. He will request you to select bananas. Answer “Yes”, select bananas, put them in the case, then talk to Luthas to sum up your moderately gained 30 runescape gold. If you would like to earn more money in multiples of 30, talk to him to get another 30 runescape gold for doing the job once again. Stay here for quite some time if you want to spend several thousand on runescape items or simply buy runescape gold from the best sellers. But I would like you to keep reading this.

Runescape Gold

Go hard and get your character’s mining level up to level 38 through mining iron, etc. After that, go to the Barbarian Village to mine coal from the rocks, which can easily sell for 100 to 300 runescape gold per piece. You will be able to find a gem occasionally (from least price to most, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond) which can sell for good prices.

Once you attain level 40 mining, add a person named yodoo86 to your list. He always buys coal. Mine coal and sell to him for 100 runescape money.

Get your smithing and mining levels up to 40 and mine gold in the Lessers Pits on Karajama Island. However, be very cautious of the level 21 skeletons. There are nearly five rocks, so on a good night when no one is on, you can smash them in a row which can make your trip even easier. You can typically get 25 gold ore that further becomes 25 runescape gold bars. Place them into certs and you can easily sell them for 1k a gold cert.

Go to the dwelling outside of Lumbridge and gather Iron Daggers on World 13. Also, gain victory over Goblins to earn more items that can be sold or runescape gold, which is common. Sell the daggers for 14 or less at the market.

Go fast and get your mining level up to 30. Mine coal and turn them into certificates. You will be able to sell it for up to 1,000 runescape gold each.

Pull yourself ahead in the game and get your mining level to at least 15, and your smithing level to 30. Travel to the mine south of Falador. Mine as much of iron as its possible, and take it to Falador Furnace. Go ahead; go north of Falador to Doric’s Anvils. Smith Iron Kite Shields and Iron Square Shields. Carry them to the shield shop in Falador and sell them in exchange of fast and easy money. At the same time, you may even buy runescape gold if you can’t have sometime for research.