Let’s take a selfie

When taking a photo, you want others to see what you see. Thats just it, you “see.” When taking a selfie, you only put forth so much of yourself that you want people to actually know about you. How does one choose to decide the sexuality of a person based off of what they show through a picture? I think that, unless someone is purposely showing their sexuality through a selfie, such as kissing their significant other, you are mearly just using your perception to judge the sexuality of the person. With that being said, do you know my sexuality from what I made visible? Other aspects of my identity are clearly visible, such as my race, ethnicity, and gender. In the last picture, you can see the bay bridge spanning behind me, this shows my socio-economic status. To live in San Francisco you need an adequate amount of money because of its expense. I think that through my selfies, I show the real me, it is just up to the person looking at my pictures to decide who I am, and what they think of me.

I think this is significant because people are constantly judging you. You’re being judged by employers, family, friends, strangers, etc. How we live our lives today compared to that of our grandparents’ generation is completely different. We are more accepting and opened minded about the fact that everyone is different and express themselves in different ways. For example the way we dress. In the top picture I’m wearing ripped jeans. My grandparents don’t understand why we like clothes that have holes in them or purposefully put the holes there ourselves. I think that our generation’s identity compared to that of my parent’s is pretty similar. They are still young enough to adapt to the way the world is changing, therefore allowing them to grow how we grow.

Stereotypes are going to be with us forever. However I don’t have any stereoytypes about the kids that I work with at kids club because of my past relationship with them.

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