The technique that I portrayed in my film is ‘a single static long shot that shows an atmospheric change’. I replicated Andy Warhol’s “Empire” (1964) which conveys the same technique. This technique concentrates on the shape and colour of the sky, and the way it changes. In Andy Warhol’s film, we see that the camera doesn’t change hence forth the ‘single static’ and it is taken from a long distance, displating the ‘long shot’. Similarly, I have applied the same idea to my film illustrating the ‘single static long shot’ by focusing on a single frame and not moving the camera. In Warhol’s “Empire” (1964) the atmospheric change focuses more on the sky, shaping the colour and background of the building, but I used trees to create a transparent view, which helps us to fully visualise the atmospheric change. This technique shows that the atmospheric change affects the appearance of a building making it look different at day and night. The single static long shot shows the change of the atmoshere in the one spot making it reliable.

Atmospheric change.

Warhol, A. 1964, “Empire”