Struth, T. 1985, Prince Regent Street, viewed 4th April 2017,

Photo by Mathew Khosrow.

The photographer I chose is Thomas Struth, who is a German photographer best known for his Black&White photographs of Dusseldorf and New York. The technique that he portrays in his (Prince Regent Street, Edinburgh, 1985) photograph is ‘a series of buildings connected by its everyday life qualities and its heroic graphics’. I have imitated Struth’s photograph by using a series of connected buildings showing a path that leads to a heroic graphic which is the Church. The buildings on the right side have a much lighter shade than the buildings on the left side indicating that the sun is shining from the left side creating a contrast between the right and left side. Another technique that I used in my photograph is that it outlines the everday life qualities, which is evidential through the sight of cars in the photo. The sky is also a significant display showing that the Church has a significant value, being the ‘heroic graphic’ of the photo. I framed the photo from a central perspective, similarly to how Struth focuses on urban panoramic view and central street perspectives. This creates a vector in which our eyes go from the buildings, almost like an arrow that leads to the Church which is the heroic graphic. I focused on portraying the city as being religious by using the architecture of the Church.

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