How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 without to pay

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In this tutorial I will show you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 device without to pay.

When it comes to mobile phones, there are few companies which have completely made their space in the market. And one of them is Samsung. These days the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone is very much in demand. It has a lot of features, that can match an iPhone. Because of all the features of the phone, and the hardware and the software used in the phone, the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is quite high.

If you want to go for Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked sim card phone, then the prices are really high. But if you are fine with signing a contract with the sim service provider, the price of the mobile phone can go down also. There are many people who want to know why they should go for unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S7. Many people prefer using it like that only. But there are few problems also attached to it especially for those who are going to use it in abroad or for those who want to change the service provider.

Why it is good to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Before knowing how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7, let’s first know the benefits behind unlocking it.

· If you keep traveling abroad and want to save yourself from the international roaming charges, then the best to do it to get Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked.

· Selling an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 will give you more benefit than selling and locked Samsung Galaxy S7. This means that unlocking can bring more cost to home.

· Once you will unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 device, you will be able to use any sim service provider. So, all you will have to do is to get your Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked. By this, you will have a lot of options open to choose from. And other than that, you can select the best plan for your mobile phone by checking the plans of different operators. As you can find some cheaper plans with other operators and can switch to them easily if your Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone is unlocked.

Now, we are already aware of the benefits of unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7. So, its time to know how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7 device without to pay.

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7

There are a lot of third party services whom unlock your Samsung S7 smartphone but before using a paid solution I suggest you: next free solution via website . This website use a unique method to get your unlock code absolutely free, they use their advertiser’s revenue to pay for your unlock code. I manage to unlock 3 phones through their unlocking service including a Samsung Galaxy S7. I do not know if is allowed to get more than 1 code per user but I used 3 different email addresses and was no problem to get the free unlock codes. Anyway, if you want a fast solution, this service is not for you, I received unlock codes in 2 days so is not at all a fast solution.

For unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S7, the first step is to select the GSM network. And also, try using any other sim card. You will have to enter the details to get it unlocked. Firstly enter, exact name of your device, in your case is Samsung Galaxy S7. After that you need to enter the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S7.

· Dial the code *#06#, using your mobile phone. You will see then, your IMEI number showing on your phone. Pen it down, so that we can easily use it, without forgetting the IMEI number.

If you follow and fulfill all the requirements mentioned by submit for, you can easily get your phone unlocked.

· In the end, you will need to remove your present sim card which you are using from your phone. And now, insert another sim card of any other sim service provider. Enter the Sim unlocking code e-mailed to you by the representative.

By just following these simple steps, you can easily get your Samsung Galaxy s7 unlocked.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful regarding how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 device and please keep follow me for more new tutorials.

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