Defining Purpose of Life

A large number of people wonder what their purpose of life is and seek to find a meaning for their life. Many of us are not able to figure out how to lead our life and get the feeling of living a meaningless life. The evidence is in the number of people who are not interested in the work they do; frustration with what’s happening around them and the worst evidence is the number of suicides every year, particularly among young people.

Life is an adventure and it doesn’t make sense to embark on a journey where you don’t know which direction to go and more importantly, why you are in this journey.

An adventure is thrilling and is to be enjoyed. Happiness and joy in what you do makes the adventure an exhilarating experience. By understanding the purpose of life, you may not know what lies ahead of you, but you would know how to overcome any challenge and continue to progress, enjoying each moment.

A purposeful life is one which is joyful and fulfilling. If you want to lead such a life, do not try to find any other meaning of life.

The quest to find a meaning to life or define any other purpose of our existence generally leads to disappointment and frustration. With the understanding that our purpose of life is to discover ourselves, and use our abilities to overcome the challenges and live a joyful and satisfying life, we can adopt a strategy and define a life plan which leads us to a life of our choice.

Craft your own life story by recognising self-exploration as the purpose of life, discovering sweet spots which define activities that give you a feeling of joy and fulfilment, and designing how you live your life in pursuit of goals which allow you to be in your sweet spots.

This process may seem daunting when there is so much uncertainty around us. But the template of this life story is unique. You don’t write a script for each and every instance or situation. You devise strategies for life. The inspiration derived from your life purpose guides you in discovering your sweet spots. It’s like a treasure hunt and as you discover more clues, you get closer to revealing another sweet spot. The discovery of a sweet spot and the journey towards being in that spot is a gratifying experience.

Pursuing the life purpose leads you to discover new ways to live a fulfilling life and gives you a direction. You don’t need to plan for the whole life. You may have long-term plans or even focus on immediate next steps. It is important to begin the journey. You may build the ship as you sail, exploring various opportunities as you set out. What you learn from your experiences and daily challenges, develops your awareness and widens your perspective.

Instead of standing on the sidelines, convincing yourself that you don’t possess any quality that stands out or there is nothing much that you can achieve in life; venture out, explore the possibilities and discover the surprises you have in store.

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