10 Best GMO Memes
Stephan Neidenbach

Your article I’m afraid, is simplistic.

If you look carefully, most GM experimentation and trials are conducted in developing countries. In places like India, Monsanto has established seed monopoly in cotton, leaving the land barren after a few years. Top GM companies like them work their way to obtain seed monopoly and I am afraid your sarcastic article doesn’t take into consideration​ the plight of farmers who have to buy their seed from Monsanto, while research and development of local seed varieties have been stifled by them. They also patent local varities, such that the locals will have to pay a corporation for seeds that wre native to a country.

So from a privileged western arm-chair it is easier to support GMO and turn a blind eye to the ruin it’s doing to the developing countries and the greedy patenting of mother nature’s seeds, leaving local producers dependent, to spend their hard earned money to them.

Please visit and talk to organizations like Deccan Development Society and they will give you the heart-wrenching stories of farmers, first hand.

In places like India where the regulations have been shaky, the seed conpmanies like Monsanto do what they want without care for health and future of the people.

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