Week 3. Better late than never..

So the blog for week three is coming a week late because I didn’t click publish when I was rushing for the bus, and my laptop has just been asleep in my bag for a week. So.. I’m posting it now.

For the evaluation of social media options, I’ve chosen Instagram and Facebook. I believe they are the most suitable options for a smaller local business, using niche and smaller social media platforms won’t appeal to the majority of the customer base. Instagram is going to be the informal showcase of the clients work, and Facebook is going to be the Publicity page, for local advertisement and keeping people updated.

Content Management Systems lots of pros and cons, so lets discuss them. Pro/s: Maintainability; The Client can maintain and update the content of the website themselves without effecting the design and format of the site. Cons: Technical requirements; the hardware requirements for a CMS site are quite a bit greater, needing more processing power for MySQL, PHP and possibly encryption for user accounts. “Hacking”; a major draw back of a CMS is that they a more heavily targeted by hackers because of their widespread use, and can have well known vulnerabilities. But this also a Pro, having so much attention on security, vulnerabilities are patched very often and is an issue the client doesn’t have to worry about. In conclusion, this isn’t a huge issue for a smaller business but should still be noted.

The client side technical requirements should have support for PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, JavaScript and HTTPS. This covers most major browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari and the open source distributions of Chrome and Firefox, ie: Waterfox, Opera, Chromium, ect... The server side requirements going to be pretty much the same with, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, HTTPS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.