Montage of Montreal NewTech at various events, promoting our mission to empower entrepreneurs!

At Montreal NewTech we passionately labor throughout the year to stimulate entrepreneurship. It only makes sense that at the start of the new year we reflect on WHY we do WHAT we do and WHO we do it for.

All our initiatives such as, start-up kits, demo days, newsletters, collaborative events go through a rigorous internal process and are crafted with a lot of careful thought and purpose that are tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. We’re thrilled to be sharing this journey with you.

In the last 20 years, sustained efforts by both government and private sectors have established…

Last Tuesday, November 27th, the 2nd edition of FormFintech Career Fair took place on the 3rd floor of a modest and cozy room at Notman House. 30 energized startups, corporations and community partners all hailing from the fintech ecosystem had booths manned by passionate founders, HR directors, and support staff - all of them fervently seeking to recruit the brightest and best.

Fintech, truncated for “Financial Technology”, describes new technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery of financial services. The FormFintech Career Fair, a bold initiative spearheaded by FormFintech aims to create meaningful connections and collaborations between fintech…

Wednesday, September 26th, the third edition of Cooperathon launched with a bang. The kick-off took place at the newly renovated Grand Quai Alexandra. With an expansive and luxurious lobby , clear glass windows allowed participants a spectacular view of the riverfront.

This year a record breaking 2,800 entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, young graduates, professionals, managers, intrapreneurs, hackers, citizens and experts from every field showed up to participate in the largest open innovation project that runs for 25 days. Its mission is to “connect passion, talent, communities and academics.” So that together they can “develop a socially responsible future.” Essentially, innovation…

This past Thursday, September 20th was Start-up Open House (SOH) - a Canada wide event that offered hundreds of start-ups and start-up support organizations (such as incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces) the chance to open their doors free of charge to welcome the public, job seekers, and students alike to tour their office and get a feel for what working in a start-up entails. Start-ups showed-off their products, team and work culture. Visitors in exchange learnt the start-up’s mission and its wider impact on the community.

This year SOH partnered with community builder Montreal New Tech to increase registration. …

Variense recently completed the Creative Destruction Lab Atlantic cohort program and I’d like to share my experience taking part in this program. One of the striking differentiator of the CDL program is their ability to bring high quality mentoring in a streamlined and meaningful way that would fit with the day-to-day ops of the startup. The mentors have a variety of backgrounds — experienced operators, serial entrepreneurs, VCs and Angel Investors etc. The level of support from our mentors was phenomenal and the strategic insights we’ve gained and benefited from CDL has helped us to grow in leaps and bounds.

As someone who’s spent the last 5 years in the startup world, I’ve been pondering, what’s the biggest challenge in building a startup? When you pose this question to founders, executives and venture capitalists, you often get the following responses:

“scaling up”, “early stage fund raising”, “burn rate”, “people — their ego’s and related drama”, “product market fit”, “market traction and sales”, “work culture” aka “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, “keeping the momentum or gaining momentum”, execution — aka “execution trumps everything else”, etc.

All the answers above and a few additional ones that aren’t mentioned are absolutely important. They…

Meena Masilamani

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