Discover the benefits of having primitives being the core of a graph database


This summer, I was on holiday discussing with a new neighbor. He asked me about my job, and as usual when I told him that I was into computing, he tried to be polite and asked what was I doing but seemed worried that I might try to really answer to the question. To keep him entertained, I tried to focus on its interests (the guy loves fishing) explaining that maybe when he goes fishing he tries to understand which are the settings that helps him to have a better fishing. He suddenly became very interested and told me that…


Creating an application often leads to the following data workflow:

Serialized data → memory data → view data → memory data →serialized data

The application deserializes data then optionally process it into memory then display it in a view.

A user can modify a data through a view, which is optionally processed in memory and then stored into a file or a database.

Because the serialized object, the memory objects, and view objects are different entities, the code will have some code like this:

myMemoryObject.memoryPropertyName = mySerializedObject.serializedPropertyName;

myViewObject.viewPropertyName = myMemoryObject.memoryPropertyName;

Which means that the synchronization between the different entities…

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