Written by @matgarstecki, @afranche and Aurélien Delobelle.

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In the Spring, container conferences sprout everywhere! One was the Paris Container Day in June, which we had the chance to attend. With one day and around 20 talks, it was a more modest event than behemoths like KubeCon (which we’ll talk about soon), and focused mostly on container platforms rather than on developing containers.

The publicized theme of the conference was “Standards & Craftsmanship”. Rehashing the parallel with shipping containers as “the standard that led to globalized trade,” standardization efforts and their effects were indeed well covered.

Security in containers

With Aqua and CyberArk as sponsors, it was clear that there would be an emphasis on the topic of security in the “containerization” process and orchestration at the event. Sure enough, The State of Kubernetes Security was one of the morning’s keynotes, serving to introduce the rest of the conference. …

Mathieu Garstecki

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