Dribbble and The Creation of The Useless Designer
Michael Abehsera

I don’t understand why peoples are so mad against that kind of shots. Yes, design is about solving problems, and that’s what we do all the day as designers. But, what if I just want to use my tools as a way to just create something, purely aesthetic, just to relax when I come back home? Without thinking about solving problems, just CREATE. Like a football player who just shoot free kicks 30 times in a row to train, yes this wouldn’t happen in a real game but still, what is wrong with that? We have the chance to have tools to both express ourselves and solve problems, why would we limit us to do serious work?

Yes, dribble as evolve in a way that people just post shots not related to real work, but there’re tons of websites out there where you can browse “real design solving real problems”.

Another problem is the NDA. If like me, you work only for big clients, you know that in most of the cases, you just can’t show your work until it’s published. This can explain why the majority of the shots are not “real work”.

Just relax and let designers have fun. If you think people who just want to have fun sometimes are bad designers, don’t worry, they won’t steal your work.

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