My first test on Medium: 9 reasons to invest in startups

Startup investing is impactful, fun and can bring returns. Here are my reason for doing it.

  1. It helps build a better world

Entrepreneurs are building a better place for all of us, and your investments will enable them to do so. Many of those who will change our lives for the better are still in a garage today.

2. It is now easy to reduce risks

There are networks that enable you to easily build portfolios of great startups, that have been thoroughly screened by investor like you — some of them who know in and out the industry where each startup operates.

3. It is a great way to diversify your investment

Whether in good or bad times, the startups community creates value. These are medium to long term investments that have low correlation with other assets classes.

4. It is fun

Interacting with entrepreneurs is energising, it brings food for thoughts and make you think of the future. And gives you cool stories to share with your friends!

5. It is an enriching experience

Go Beyond Investing has shown that more than 90% of their investors who built a portfolio of 5 or more investments have obtained nicely positive return. And most of them got cash back from their investments!

6. It helps you build a network of like-minded people

Exchanging your views with other potential investors on the startups that present to you is a great way to connect with new people.

7. It keeps you young and boosts your morale

It keeps you up to date with the latest innovation and …

8. You can do good while doing well

You can invest in startups that sustain the values that you believe in — and do well by doing so.

9. You can contribute to the success of the startups you invest in

Entrepreneurs also take investment as a way to build a network of people which will help them, and often welcome help and expertise. You can leverage your network and expertise, whether on product, recruitment, access to the market, new investors or accessing potential company buyers.

There are many ways to start. One is a platform I have participated in, check it out:

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