Blog #6 — Moving Toward Detailed Design

Welcome back to our friendly neighborhood blog. Our most recent public consultation was held at the Wabano Centre. We wish to thank Dillon Consulting and all the city staff who were on-hand to answer everyone’s concerns regarding the functional design. This consultation was again very well-attended. Vanier is fortunate to have such involved residents.

After consulting with businesses, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users, we have now have the Roads Modification Agreement (RMA). This RMA has something for everyone including wider sidewalks and cycle track. We believe staff have done a great job in balancing interests and trade-offs.

During the last consultation, one of the issues at the forefront of everyone’s minds was how narrow Montreal Road gets in some sections. Montreal Road has a 16.9 to 26 metre right of way, which doesn’t give any space to widen current sidewalks. This road is not effectively operating as a four lanes corridor. For this reason, the plan includes reducing the vehicle lanes from four to three between North River Road and Vanier Parkway (a 400 metre section). This plan was the hybrid option, and it allows for consistent sidewalks, protected intersections at Vanier Parkway and North River Road, one traffic lane in each direction, a separated westbound transit priority and a parking lane.

The plan also includes cycle track in westbound direction 100 m east of Vanier Parkway to 100 m west of St Laurent Boulevard and painted bike lanes for the remainder of the corridor on both sides. We are looking into expanding the cycle track section but we are confined due to lack of space. Three hydro poles will be buried due to accessibility concerns (between Lajoie and Altha). We are interested in burying more hydro poles; however, the cost is prohibitively expensive at $572,000 for three poles. The other option we are examining is a cycling connection using Mark Avenue instead of the portion of Montreal Road between the Vanier Parkway and North River Road. Doing this requires a private land rental agreement with the property owners on Mark Avenue.

The transit lane priority morning hours will be extended from 7–9 am and will now be between 6:30 and 9:30 am. We plan on consolidating some bus stops in order to improve timing for the Route 12. Please see attached map for details. Specific shelters, benches and waste receptacles will be considered as part of the detailed design review/ consultation process.

We should have a consultant on board by the end of September. On October 11th, we plan on introducing the new project manager, Mario Kotowski, to the Vanier Community Association. Mario will be overseeing the detailed design process and will be giving a short update on the process.

Next, we plan to have designated meetings on specific topics (such as greening) in early 2018, and we will be looking for block captains to lead efforts on each block of Montreal Road (between North River Road and St. Laurent). We hope you will participate in our future consultations. This is when we work out all the important details.

Please find attached the slide deck from the most recent consultation.

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