RCMP investigators are contemplating laying down new charges on members of parliament.

#Elbowgate: more accusations to follow

Tory whip held against his will, freed by PM.

The issues surrounding the bizarre and excessive behaviour of prime minister Trudeau has been well discussed and documented over the last 24 hours.

While Justin Trudeau was formally accused of one of more counts of assault and one or more counts of battery today, the more pressing issue had barely been adressed by the media.

Our prime minister’s actions were prompted by his natural instincts mixed with his boxing training, and his humanitarian background.

He saw Tory whip Gordon Brown being held against his will by a scrum of NDP members or parliament in the middle of the house of commons floor and the “Papineau Pugilist” decided to free him of this dangerous situation.

The RCMP is currently investigating the 6 NDP MP’s who were obstructing the passage of Mr. Brown, and holding him against his will. The MP’s are looking at possible assault, trespassing, holding someone against their will and kidnapping charges.

These alleged actions also prompted the investigation to take an interesting twist: the RCMP detectives are now investigating if someone ordered the MP’s to commit the alleged felony.

As of this afternoon, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has only been mentioned as a ‘person of interest’ in the ongoing investigation, but charges of ordering a crime should be brought to Mulcair tomorrow at the latest.

And to make matter worst for the New Democratic Party, if the MP’s are found guilty of holding someone against their will (a criminal offence) and Mr. Mulcair is found guilty of ordering the crime (also a criminal offence), the party could be charged with more serious new charges, including gangsterism.

What innocently started as a simple elbow drop to MP Rousseau’s head by the ‘Pugilist’ could escalate into the unraveling of the New Democratic party of Canada.

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